Why Consult with your Workforce?

You bought the kit
Getting the right equipment is expensive and keeping it in good shape means that you have a planned maintenance programme in place. That costs money, but it’s cheaper than waiting until something breaks down and you have to buy new kit.

Its the same with your workforce

Planned Personnel Maintenance is the key to staying successful in business

You hired the people
It takes time and money to find the right employees and to train them to get them up to speed. Once they learn the ropes, they have know-how and a can-do attitude that set you apart from your competitors. There are the salaries to pay every month, and training and development costs to make headway in business

Oops – Then it happens
One of your key employees is transferred by HQ to open a new office.
Another is poached by a customer, or lured away by a competitor.
Another goes off on long time illness, and for old Johnny, there since the start it time to retire. Suddenly the business is running a bit short on the expertise.

“We need a planned maintenance programme for our Know-how”
That will also costs money, but it’s cheaper than starting over from scratch.

What next?
The remaining staff are stressed out, feel overworked and threaten to quit. There are mumblings of discontent, absenteeism is up and productivity is down. There is the danger that the business will miss deadlines, deliver the wrong products, and customers start to complain about poor service. Morale is at rock bottom.

“We need a planned maintenance programme for their attitude”

Fixing this is cheaper than recruiting new staff and capturing new customers.

It’s never too late to start planning for the future.
We all have stories from the front line and I’d be happy to listen to yours, and work with you and your workforce to craft a planned people maintenance programme to keep your business running at its best.

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