Know Better – Do any of the following factors describe your workplace? 



We are a bundle of contradictions and firmly held convictions

We are a learning organisation and simultaneously a forgetting organisation

We have in-depth experience and ignorance in a whole range of subjects across various departments

We have a blend of young, eager and engaged employees and burned out, disillusioned experienced workers

We have naïve and cynical participants, in management and at the sharp end

We have some fresh ideas and a lot of tired old routines

We have tried and tested work methods and some dodgy ad–hoc processes

We have procedures that work each and every time

We have undocumented shortcuts that save us a fortune or might risk a catastrophe

We have unimplemented great ideas and unobserved ignorance at work every day

We have official processes to which we pay lip service but generally ignore, so we can get on with the job

We have key performance indicators that we measure with great precision and report that deliver nothing of real value to people who don’t read or act on them

We have star performers who are overlooked and self-promoting wasters destined for quick promotion

We have half-completed initiatives designed to meet some of the recent legislation just in case we get audited

We haven’t even started to address the complexities of the latest directives that are soon to be law

We have a company Mission that all employees have internalised, willingly embrace, wholly agree with and strive daily to achieve

We have a company Vision that is well understood by some but for others it is just an incoherent fog of words


Could this all be summarised as:

“We generally mean well and we know that we need to communicate, to harvest, manage, use and share what we know, better.

But we just haven’t quite got round to it, what with the changing deadlines, the unplanned maintenance and absences, the rush orders, the constant pressure of work, increasing cost controls and customers schedules to meet.”


It’s Situation normal. There is an old military term for it – SNAFU.


***  IT Alert  *** 

One thing we do know, for sure. The last thing we need right now is yet another complicated computerised system foisted on us.

We don’t need any more data processing, or information technology initiatives.

We realise that it is all up to us – the people who work here.


Perhaps our Planned People Maintenance programme would be of benefit.

Call me now on 01224 571336 and lets see how we could help.

Contact us through the website or e-mail direct to

We don’t claim that we can make things perfect straight away but together we can at least have a go at making things better.

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