Carry on regardless. Seeing and ignoring the bigger picture

Acknowledging Situational Awareness whilst Maintaining Focus

Every second of every day we are bombarded by streams of Data – Sensory input from all directions.

In order to survive, moment by moment, we have to edit out the extraneous and Focus only on what is important.
We must pay selective attention only to what is imperative to our continued survival, our goals and our needs.

Essentially we have to concentrate on the task in hand, we must each avoid pettifogging distractions, and yet still maintain an awareness of the wider context.
But meanwhile, here we all are, suddenly alert, in the all-enveloping darkness, individually conscious and straining to see, to make sense, to understand, and to predict the future.

Moment by moment, cocooned in our desire for homeostasis, yet troubled by niggles and doubts we each speculate and plan, we reference our experiences, we analyse our sources of feedback, we spend time filtering through our dynamic “selective attention” parameters.

We attempt “pattern matching” based on our fleeting and partial understanding of what we may remember of what we have perceived in the past.

From what we calculate to be a place of safety, we tentatively edge away from our comfort zone and go Novelty Hunting as a way of broadening and expanding our stock of integrated pattern matches. We call this Learning behaviour, stepping out cautiously, exploring, seeking stimulating but still unchallenging and non threatening change.

We use our analysis of the universe and our place in it as the basis for Predictive behaviour based on our instantly ranged and dynamic pre-conceptions.
We bravely take on the challenge of exploring paradoxes for their flaws, or their keys, so that we are better equipped to recognise them and exclude them earlier and faster, as mainly harmless aberrations in our otherwise well understood cosmology.

We will make self referential judgement calls and calculate best guesses and we will plot a course, integrating as best we can, our hope and our fears and the hundred and one other random quantum variables that we each face change from moment to moment.

Bravely we will try to ignore then, or to synthesise them into our ongoing vision of how the future will behave.

Then we will mask our cognitive dissonance, and we will bolster our preconceptions with bravado, testosterone, and who knows what else and then we can act, from memory, in familiar circumstances that we confidently expect to be just where our internalised geography has them placed. .

Our understanding of the cosmos and our place within it is as infinitely complex and as simply mundane as that.

But being decisive and determining to get up and to get going is always better than enduring the increasing complexity of ongoing nightmares, cowering in the dark and dreaming of the unfulfilled need.

We explore and experience from an early age and develop our ability to predict the future.
If I pick up that cup of tea it will be hot.
The suitcase will be heavy.

Inanimate Things
These are generally predictable – rocks do not move about too much when our backs are turned
Your car keys are in the pocket of the jacket you were wearing yesterday.


Sometimes we don’t understand why they rot or wilt or bloom or fail to produce fruit.
But others practiced in the art of Horticulture can explain the mysteries and the drives of wisteria.

They are even less predictable. So we give the ones we don’t know less trust with our children than the kitten they grew up with.

Sometime our predictions of their actions are wildly wrong – and there are horrific pictures and we resort to speedy revenge for our mistakes.

Other people

The thoughts statements and actions of other people are naturally a multifaceted riddle, wreathed in layers of mystery, lost inside what we might fleeting construe as an ever changing enigma.
Of course – each individual is as complex and as simple as we ourselves.

Our transposed objectivity is riddled with subjective assumptions – because that is what we each do – we project the universe formed of our conjuring, on to the harsh reality of what we encounter, or perhaps just the parts that we acknowledge.

Because we are careful to select reinforcement for what we predict and can choose to ignore any amount of evidence to the contrary.
Every week millions of people buy a lottery ticket and plan for how they will spend their fortune – wilfully ignoring their cognitive dissonance and despite the sure and certain knowledge that they have a higher chance of dying that week than winning the lottery.

And all are socialised and governed to some extent – the free form fugue generation is distorted and dampened by SOCIAL CONDITIONING – don’t get too random or “out there”.

Play nicely: The approved tendency towards keeping participation to the rules.
Quit mucking about, you are spoiling it for everyone.

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