Carry on regardless. Seeing and ignoring the bigger picture

Acknowledging Situational Awareness whilst Maintaining Focus Every second of every day we are bombarded by streams of Data – Sensory input from all directions. In order to survive, moment by moment, we have to edit out the extraneous and Focus only on what is important. We must pay selective attention only to what is imperative

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Failures, fixes, and constant fire fighting are not an option

The Strategic case for a Personnel Maintenance Programme For Industry there are only two costs – Capital expenditure and Operating expense. These are the cost of purchase and the cost of maintenance. Simply by applying the insights and best practice from the Maintenance Workshop to the People within the organisation your business can make a

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Why Consult with your Workforce?

You bought the kit Getting the right equipment is expensive and keeping it in good shape means that you have a planned maintenance programme in place. That costs money, but it’s cheaper than waiting until something breaks down and you have to buy new kit. Its the same with your workforce Planned Personnel Maintenance is

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Outsourcing – building competitors to put you out of business

Outsourcing is an easy way to: • Become irrelevant in your own supply chain. • Hollow out the resilience and strength of your own business • Lose control of your own quality and performance capability • Be bypassed and ignored by your customers • Destroy the foundations of your own business • Lose your workforce and

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