Benchwhistler Associates

A Management Consultancy established in 2004

Through our network of consultants we provide a range of structured improvement methods, and an interim management consultancy service.

We specialise in

  • Business Performance Improvement
  • Corporate Memory Capture and Retention
  • Employee Engagement
  • Competence Assurance
  • Interim Management

Our clients include

  • International Oil Exploration and Production Companies
  • Global Oilfield Service Companies
  • Local Authority Contractors
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Business start-ups

About Your Business

Your corporate memory is a vital component for continued success and your business cannot afford to forget how it works.

To help you reliably communicate how work is done Benchwhistler Associates can help you capture the expertise of your organisation and build a complete electronic business management system that:

  • Clearly maps how your business works
  • Deliverers a set of standardised procedures
  • Ensures consistent quality
  • Identifies where the knowledge resides within your organisation
  • Addresses what happens when someone leaves

We recommend and use the “author” process mapping software from

About Your Employees

What is good and bad about your organisation and how could it be made better?

Our employee engagement survey is a rapid method to identify where you are fully capitalising on the talent, skills and knowledge of your workforce and improve your leadership & management training.

It provides clear guidance and an action plan to:

  • Enhance communication
  • Energise your colleagues
  • Engage employee creativity
  • Spark innovative thinking
  • Improve financial performance

Performance Improvement

Every business has a wealth of experience and problem solving expertise locked within the heads of its workforce.

We have a range of proven personnel maintenance techniques that can deliver enhanced performance by unlocking that key information and practice.

These include:

  • Performance Audit
  • Knowledge Mapping and Harvesting
  • After Action Review
  • Pre-emptive Hindsight Process
  • Employee Competence Assurance

Interim Management

There are times when additional management expertise may be required within your organisation.

There are clear reasons why you should use the skills available from an external consultant.

We can supply an experienced and effective performer to supplement your existing management team and assist in meeting your business challenges.

An interim manager can deliver:

  • Immediate additional management resource
  • Focus on the task in hand
  • Timely and time bounded support
  • An Independent perspective
  • Confidentiality
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